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The Taylor Moxey Foundation

The ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ was created to Empower, Educate and Encourage literacy and community service for people worldwide. To fulfill this mission the ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ utilized Taylor’s love of reading to create a safe space for our future leaders to imagine, discover and create. This initiative was brought to life with the ‘Taylor Moxey Library’ project.

The ‘Taylor Moxey Library’ project has inspired the imaginations of both children and adults. Constructed of pod-style buildings created from repurposed shipping containers Taylor Moxey libraries are the perfect space to learn and discover.

With the groundbreaking success of three library locations — one in the village of Moxey Town, Andros, Bahamas, one in Omni Park, Downtown Miami, Florida, one in the West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment District and a satellite library made possible with the Taylor Moxey Foundation’s partnership with Hawthorn Suites hotels in Wyndham in West Palm Beach, FL. — the ‘Taylor Moxey Library’ project continues to educate the youth through the power of reading. 

In addition to opening libraries, the ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ had the opportunity to join efforts with TECHO to build homes in communities of extreme poverty in Latin America and Haiti. In an effort to advocate volunteers for TECHO; Taylor used her platform as a public speaker to encourage her peers to become youth volunteers.

As the ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ continues to make strides to accomplish the mission to empower, educate and endow the youth; success is limitless for Taylor and her foundation.


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