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Who is Taylor Moxey?

Taylor Moxey is an internationally known entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. At eight-years old, Taylor turned a forty-dollar loan into the growing enterprise: Taylor Moxey, LLC. 

Taylor’s legacy began with the start-up of her cupcake company: ‘Taylor the Chef’. The success of her cupcake company inspired her to write her best-selling book The Adventures of Taylor the Chef. As she continued to develop her personal brand, Taylor knew she wanted to inspire and motivate others. Her desire to inspire, led her to create a collection of daily mantra cards called ‘Moxivation’, which ultimately led her to launch the ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’. 

The ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ is her standing commitment to fulfill her mission to ‘inspire the younger generation to become social entrepreneurs while using education to endow and empower’. As Taylor continues to evolve and live life limitlessly, she hopes to inspire others to do the same.


 Taylor In The Media


Notable Mentions

Through her nonprofit, Taylor Moxey Foundation, she recently created a mini-library from a former shipping container at Omni Park, near the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County. - Sun Sentinel

Taylor’s earnings go to her nonprofit foundation called The Taylor Moxey Foundation - Points of Light

Taylor is a pretty accomplished 11 year-old. She has already published her first book, baked with Chrissy Teigen, and now she’s installed two public mini-libraries though her foundation — one in the Bahamas and one in Downtown Miami - The New Tropic

Taylor’s TedX talk will aim to encourage others to take their dreams further. - Miami Herald

Tiny baker: 8 year-old pastry chef runs thriving baking business. - Today

Taylor entered and won a professional cornbread competition last summer, beating out a prominent Miami chef. - ABC News